BCANDS Strategic Partnerships


In order to ensure that the disability and health related priorities of the Indigenous population of British Columbia are known and collaborations developed to address, the Society participates on a number strategic committees and Boards. Participation on these committees and Boards is supplemental to the hundreds local, regional, provincial and national disability and health related programs and services. Some BCANDS partnerships include:


- Provincial Member – Minister’s Registered Disability Savings Plan Action Group     www.eia.gov.bc.ca/pwd/rdsp/members.html

- Provincial Council Member – Minister’s Council on Employment and Accessibility                           www.eia.gov.bc.ca/pwd/ministers-council/members.htm

- Provincial Member – Assistant Deputy Minister’s – Supporting Increased Participation (SIP) Committee

- National Committee Member – Canadian Centre on Disability Studies Program Committee www.disabilitystudies.ca/about/

- National Task Force Member - National First Nation VisitAbility Task Force www.visitablehousingcanada.com/visitability-project/task-forces/ 

- Chairperson – Provincial Aboriginal Advisory Committee – Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) www.communitylivingbc.ca/individuals-families/advisors/aboriginal-initiative

- Provincial Steering Committee Member – Personal Support Initiatives Program - Community Living British Columbia   www.communitylivingbc.ca/individuals-families/support-for-adults/fasd-autism

- Provincial Board Member – Inclusion BC www.inclusionbc.org

- Provincial Board Member - Family Support Institute   www.familysupportbc.com 

- Provincial Steering Committee Member – Aboriginal Infant / Support Child Development www.ascdp.bc.ca 

- Provincial Member – Disability Without Poverty Network

- Provincial Member - Jordan’s Principle Tripartite Working Group  www.fncfwc.ca/advocacy-activities/jordans-principle

- Provincial Member – BC Parks Accessibility Committee

- Regional Member – Ministry of Social Development – Community Relations and Service Quality - Quarterly Working Group - Region 1

- Member – Ministry of Children and Family Development – Aboriginal Integrated Policy Working Group

- Member – First Nation Health Director’s Association (Provincial)  www.fnhda.ca



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